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Sandy Wexler Sandy Wexler (2017) Movie Review

Adam Sandler’s latest Netflix offering is an epic-length ode to its irritating star.

131 minutes. Let that sink in. One-hundred-and-thirty-one minutes. Two-hours-and-eleven. That’s the length of Sandy Wexler, the latest in what is sure to be a never-ending stream of Adam Sandler Netflix comedies. That is also, as a good friend pointed out on Twitter, 12 minutes longer than Citizen Kane, with which this tale of an astonishingly inept Hollywood manager shares some structural affinities.

It unfolds in flashback and features present-day testimonials from a gaggle of celebrities who have gathered to honor the titular Sandy (Sandler, sporting oversized glasses and speaking in a Jerry Lewis whine) for an initially unspecified reason. Among those on call (because what better way to get this review to word count): Dana Carvey, Chris Rock, David Spade, Conan O’Brien, Mike Judge, Janeane Garofalo, Henry Winkler, Jon Lovitz and—in the same bloody one-shot!—Penn Jillette, Vanilla Ice and Dr. Drew Pinsky. And hey, look, there’s Judd Apatow, the king of bloated running times! Cool meta aside there A-Sands, who co-wrote the script, such as it is, with Paul Sado and Dan Bulla.

There was a time, however, when Sandy wasn’t so beloved: “In the time, of course … of Timecop!,” as Master Shake intoned in Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters. (See, Adam? I haz referencez, too!) A billboard for the Jean-Claude Van Damme sci-fi action flick is just one of the many onscreen allusions (Fruitopia and Green Day are but two others) that situate the story of Sandy Wexler in the mid-1990s. That’s when our bespectacled, plaid-shirted, beeper-sporting protagonist is barely making a living catering to a talent-free roster of clients (chief among them Kevin James, as a ventriloquist with dreams of UPN network glory) and pissing off playing-themselves celebs like Arsenio Hall and Quincy Jones (who were hopefully, like all involved, handsomely paid and/or extremely well fed).

But Sandy’s bad luck takes an upward turn after he spots the divine Courtney (Jennifer Hudson) singing at an amusement park. What a voice! What talent! What a woman! She could be the next big pop sensation, and perhaps, as quickly becomes apparent, Mrs. Sandy Wexler. Uh … yuck. Sandler’s drool-accompanied ogling of the female form is now near Woody Allen levels of ick. And the idea that any character played by Jennifer Hudson — who deserves another Academy Award for the commitment she brings to her role — would give this moronic cretin the time of day is about the only amusing thing in the whole misbegotten enterprise. As with almost every Sandler vehicle, this is an adoring ode to a lifelong man-baby who mistakes his half-assed excretions for art. (You might at least make sure the boom mic doesn’t dip into frame, dude.)

It’s easy to hate a film that features Jane Seymour as Sandy’s horndog, 9-1/2 Weeks referencing neighbor, as well as that walking race-baiter Rob Schneider as an Iranian billionaire named Firuz. It’s easy to love one (a grain of wheat among the multitude of chaff) that features “Weird Al” Yankovic as both the voice of wisdom and heckler of Clay Aiken (how the American Idol mighty have fallen). I’m still trying to decide where a scene in which Terry Crews is near-anally-smothered by an especially obese sumo wrestler falls on the scale of offense. This is something to ponder. For 131 minutes, at least.

Cast: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Hudson, Kevin James, Terry Crews, Nick Swardson, Rob Schneider, Jane Seymour, Aaron Neville, Arsenio Hall

Director: Steve Brill

Screenplay: Paul Sado, Dan Bulla, Adam Sandler

Producers: Adam Sandler, Allen Covert

Executive Producers: Barry Bernardi, Tim Herlihy

Cinematography: Dean Semler

Music: Rupert Gregson-Williams

Editor: Tom Costain

Production Design: Perry Andelin Blake

131 minutes

Premieres: Friday, Apr. 14 (Netflix)

xoxo XOXO (2016) Movie TrailerXOXO (2016) Movie Trailer

Watch the Trailer of this Movie:

XOXO follows six strangers whose lives collide in one frenetic, dream-chasing, hopelessly romantic night…

XOXO is a coming-of-age ensemble film about a group of 20-somethings on a crazy adventure to the biggest EDM festival in America, XOXO. The film follows six strangers whose lives collide in one frenetic, dream-chasing, hopelessly romantic night. At the center is Ethan, a young DJ who gets a last minute slot to perform after his tracks go viral online days before the festival. This is a huge opportunity… if he can just make it there in one piece.

%name Frankenweenie tops DVD sales chartThe animated movie “Frankenweenie” debuted at No. 1 on the DVD sales chart. (Disney / January 22, 2013)

The Tim Burton-directed animated feature “Frankenweenie” debuted at the top of the DVD sales charts, while “Looper” remained the most popular rental in the U.S. in the second week of January.

The horror movie “House at the End of the Street,” meanwhile, was the most popular video-on-demand rental.

Walt Disney Studios’ animated films have remained relatively popular purchases amid a long-running DVD slump, and “Frankenweenie” continued that trend, despite not having performed well at the box office.

Other new releases during the week ended Jan. 13 that it beat out on the sales chart included the action remake “Dredd,” which launched at No. 2, and No. 5 “End of the Street.”

“Frankenweenie” is not yet available to rent from Redbox or Netflix, leaving it off of the disc rental chart. However it proved far less popular on VOD, debuting at No. 7.

“Ted” and “The Bourne Legacy,” meanwhile, became available to rent from those outlets for the first time and landed at Nos. 2 and 3, respectively, on the rental chart.

Below are the top selling DVD and Blu-ray discs and most popular VOD titles for the week ended Jan. 13 and most rented DVD and Blu-ray discs for the week ended Jan. 12.

Top 10 DVD and Blu-ray sales

  1. “Frankenweenie” (Disney). Week 1.
  2. “Dredd” (Lionsgate). Week 1.
  3. “Looper” (Sony). Week 2.
  4. “Ted” (Universal). Week 5.
  5. “House at the End of the Street” (Fox/Relativity). Week 1.
  6. “Pitch Perfect” (Universal). Week 4.
  7. “The Dark Knight Rises” (Warner Bros.). Week 6.
  8. “Total Recall” (Sony). Week 4.
  9. “Stolen” (Millennium). Week 1.
  10. “Resident Evil: Retribution”(Sony). Week 4.

Top 10 DVD and Blu-ray rentals

  1. “Looper” (Sony). Week 2.
  2. “Ted” (Universal). Week 5.
  3. “The Bourne Legacy” (Universal). Week 5.
  4. “The Dark Knight Rises” (Warner Bros.). Week 6.
  5. “Total Recall” (Sony). Week 4.
  6. “Trouble With the Curve” (Warner Bros.). Week 4.
  7. “Ice Age: Continental Drift” (Fox). Week 5.
  8. “The Watch” (Fox) Week 9.
  9. “Dredd” (Lionsgate). Week 1.
  10. “Men in Black 3” (Sony). Week 7.

Top 10 video-on-demand rentals

  1. “House at the End of the Street” (Relativity). Week 1.
  2. “Pitch Perfect” (Universal). Week 4.
  3. “Hit & Run” (Universal). Week 1.
  4. “Looper” (Sony). Week 2.
  5. “Dredd” (Lionsgate). Week 1.
  6. “Ted” (Universal). Week 5.
  7. “Frankenweenie” (Disney). Week 1.
  8. “Trouble with the Curve” (Warner Bros.). Week 4.
  9. “Ice Age: Continental Drift” (Fox). Week 5.
  10. “The Bourne Legacy” (Universal). Week 5.

%name Time Warner Cable, Blockbuster on Demand to launch on RokuThe Roku HD converter was a product unveiled in 2010 to display movies and TV shows from Netflix and Amazon on a TV. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

Roku, the maker of devices for streaming music and video in the home, bolstered its entertainment offerings with the addition of Time Warner Cable, Blockbuster on Demand and Fox Now — among other services.

The company said it has surpassed 700 channels on the Roku platform with Monday’s addition of more television, music and games. Roku announced nine additional video partners, bringing shows from PBS, SyFy and A&E, new audio services, including iHeart Radio and Spotify, and interactive entertainment from Big Fish and others.

“When we launched the first Roku player in 2008, it was the very first device to stream Netflix to the TV and offered just that one channel,” said Steve Shannon, Roku’s general manager of content and services. “Today, the content universe is vastly different with many content producers and owners embracing delivery over the Internet … we have the best brands in streaming entertainment.”

The new distribution partnerships, announced before the official start of the giant Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, are a sign of the mainstream nature of entertainment streamed via the Internet into the home. Entertainment companies are eager to reach a generation of consumers who watch video and listen to music via their game consoles and other Web-connected devices.

A projected 66 million U.S. households – or 54% of the total population – will access the Internet via game consoles, Blu-ray players, or connected TVs by 2017, according to a new report from Forrester Research analyst Jitender Miglani.

The Time Warner Cable agreement with Roku will allow its existing subscribers to watch live television via the streaming devices sometime this quarter.

Separately, Roku announced that its streaming technology will be integrated into a new generation of Internet-connected smartTVs, Blu-ray players and other devices from six new partners, Coby Electronics Corp.; Harman Kardon; Hisense Electric Co. Ltd.; TCL Corp.; Voxx Accessories Corp. and Westinghouse Digital.

xander berkeley 280158 Netflix, Hulu Look to UK for ContentNEW YORK – You may have seen the original BBC version of "The Office," but have you seen the sketch show "A Bit of Fry & Laurie" with Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry?

What about Steve Coogan’s talk-show parody, "Knowing Me, Knowing You With Alan Partridge"? Or how about the 2003 political thriller "State of Play"?

    Netflix offers some great deals for movies, starting at $8 a month for streaming only or $10 to recieve one dvd at a time in the mail. But I feel like many people are fooled into this service by Netflix’s claims that they have a wide selection of movies and that you can watch in HD.

    After subscribing to Netflix for several months, I was quite disappointed. It takes a long time for new movies to appear on Netflix, and when they do arrive, they can’t be streamed. They are usually DVD only, and so if you really want to watch a movie, it’d be much easier to go to a local DVD rental store instead of Netflix.

    Then, once the movies show up for streaming, they are rarely avaiable in HD. And in order to stream in HD, your internet needs to be extremely fast, otherwise the movie will look like crap. 

    Overall, I think the Netflix service isn’t worth it, as is. Perhaps once they expand their collection of movies and are able to release new movies sooner, it will be a better deal. For now, I’d prefer to stick to rending DVDs or downloading movies from services such as iTunes or Zune Marketplace.

    If you’re bored, check out this Haiku about Netflix.

    %name Netflix

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      sears logo 122810 Sears Launches New Video Download Service    Is It Different from the Others?

      As Netflix continues to grow and looks toward a downloadable future, the idea of streaming video is starting to catch on. We’ve already got Best Buy getting into the game, the understandable choice as a mass chunk of each store is dedicated to film and television. We’ve had Wal-Mart, who might have everything from underwear to electronics, but they also have their own little disc collection.

      …but Sears?

      Yep! According to Chicago Business, the struggling department store has decided to perk up business with their own video download service. Sears has been in a tough spot for years now (just Google “struggling Sears” and see for yourself), trying all manner of techniques to improve business — releasing their brands to competing companies, selling off chains and shutting stores. Almost one year ago, they realized that just maybe they should invest a little more time and effort into that new-fangled Internet, and tried to reconnect with their mail-order roots.

      And now that online push has evolved into movie downloading.

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